10 foods rich in protein you should include in your diet!

Proteins are crucial for your body to function properly. The nutrient will make you feel satiated and ensures building and maintenance of your muscles. Protein intake is alpha omega to increase your muscle mass.

Our body needs both fat, carbohydrates and proteins to function properly. Proteins are known as the building blocks of your body and is crucial for a well-functioning metabolism. Most who eat meat and sea food and has a varied diet cover their need for proteins. The need might be slightly higher amongst athletes and those focusing on maximum muscle growth. Here are 10 foods rich in protein!

foods rich in protein
Sufficient levels of protein is necessary to build and maintain muscles.


Animal products rich in protein:

  • Tuna. Contains 27 g proteins per 100 grams
  • Chicken. Contains 26 g proteins per 100 grams
  • Smoked salmon. Contains 21 g proteins per 100 grams
  • Eggs. Contain 13 g proteins per 100 grams


Plant-based products rich in protein:

  • Soya beans. Contains 36 g proteins per 100 grams
  • Red lentils. Contains 27 g proteins per 100 grams
  • Brown lentils. Contains 25 g proteins per 100 grams
  • Chickpeas. Contains 20 g proteins per 100 grams


Snacks rich in protein:

  • Peanuts. Contains 25 g proteins per 100 grams
  • Cashew nuts. Contains 17 g proteins per 100 grams


Animal protein sources vs. plant-based

It is often discussed whether or not plant-based protein sources are full worthy alternatives to meat and other animal-based protein sources. Beans, lentils, chickpeas and peas are all foods rich in protein and are biologically appropriate compositions of the proteins we need – including the essential amino acids. Nutritionist Ranghild Lekven Fimreite explains that grains can be protein rich too, but not biologically full worthy. That’s why she further recommends having a slice of cheese or a glass of milk on the side when eating bread.

As seen in the above overview, the old belief in red meat being the only true source of protein isn’t necessarily true. You find protein in a variety of foods but not all of them are full worthy. Your body needs to get the 8 essential amino acids, and these are the ones your risk not getting covered when you just skip the most common sources. That said, you definitely find foods rich in protein in the plant-based world too, many of them full worthy biologically.

foods rich in protein
The right vegan foods are full worthy alternatives to animal-based protein sources.


How much protein do you need?

Clinical nutritionist Eli Anne Myrvoll Blomkvist says this about amount of protein: if you get 1 gram protein for each kilo body weight, you will be well covered. A person weighing 70 kg should get 70 grams of protein a day. The health directorate recommends that 10-20% of the daily energy intake should come from proteins. If you have a healthy and varied diet, chances are you already have foods rich in protein in it. Protein deficiency isn’t that common.


Proteins and muscle growth

Many uses protein additives to get the most out of their exercise. The idea is often to increase the muscle mass as much as possible, which is dependent on sufficient protein supply. Blomkvist says that an athlete will need a little, yet not much, more protein than the average man. Average Joe needs about 1 gram per kilo body weight, while the professional athlete Joe needs 1,2-1,8 gram per kilo body weight. In other words, it is absolutely possible to get your protein need covered through a normal diet if you eat the right foods rich in proteins.

proteins and muscle growth
Having enough proteins in your diet contributes to bigger, more defined muscles.


Increased muscle mass depends on more than just proteins

To increase you muscle mass it isn’t enough to just have proteins in your food. For men, testosterone is absolutely crucial and is an important part of creation and maintenance of muscle tissue, sex drive and mental health. If your testosterone level is too low, you will not achieve the muscle growth you desire. Alpha Man is a dietary supplement especially developed to optimize your testosterone level and make you feel like a man again. The dietary supplement contains active ingredients that strengthens your immune system, increases your metabolism and frees long lasting energy. Read more about Alpha Man here.