How to lose weight by being physically active

Physical acitivity is essential for weight-loss. Your diet is even more important, but activity might be what it takes to get rid of those last extra pounds.

You lose weight by being physically active. That’s how easy it can be said. Yet it is so hard. There is a balance in everything, and we all have different starting points for achieving the weight we feel comfortable in. Health trouble, food allergy and motivation are all key factors that affect our weight and general health.


The health directorate’s recommendations are a minimum

The health authorities put guidelines for how we should eat and live to achieve the best possible health. The well-known 5 a day rule tells of the importance of eating mnimum five portions of fruits and greens a day to get the vitamin and minerals we need. In addition, they have guidelines for how much of your energy intake should stem from proteins, fat and carbohydrates.

Physical activity is also an important part of the guidelines provided by the health directorate. They recommend a minimum of 30 minutes moderate physical activity five days a week. Yet, there is both pro- and retrospective studies giving reason to conclude with 60-90 minutes of moderate physical activity everyday being the best solution. This increases the odds for successful weight-regulation over time. Empirical data supports the statement that you lose weight by being physically active.


Health benefits of being physically active

Both body and mind are served by you being physically active. You won’t just lose weight by being physically active. You will also improve your cognitive abilities such as memory and problem-solving skills. The health benefits increase with the amount of physical activity and you will have greater benefits by being more active.

  • 150 minutes moderate physical activity a week is an absolute minimum
  • 300 minutes moderate physical activity a week increases health benefits further
lose weight by being physically active
Being physically active keeps you young and healthy for longer. It also helps weight-control.


It doesn’t have to be hard

It isn’t necessarily so that you have to run a marathon or spend hour after hour at the gym each week to lose weight by being physically active. You can get much more from being clever when exercising. Besides, too much repetitive training increases the chances of injury. Therefore, you should make sure to train varied as the amount of training increases.

Remember that to lose weight by being physically active, you don’t have to carry out hardcore work outs. Just getting out of the couch and go for a walk can help massively. Body and mind will benefit greatly from the fresh air and light physical activity. Find those small, cozy walks in your area an make a habit of using them.


Everyday activity can do magic

The biggest difference you’ll get is probably by increasing the amount of everyday activity in your days. Use your bike to work, take the stairs, do standing calf raises when you’re just hanging around waiting anyway. Squat while brushing your teeth or get a jumping rope while watching the newest episode of your favorite show. It is the long periods of sitting still that hurts your body the most. By breaking these periods off with simple activities you will be far on your way.

healthy living
Taking the stairs whenever you can may have a bigger impact on your health than you think.


Lose weight by being physically active

Your appetite also gets affected by physical activity. When you’re active, your metabolism is improved, and you will be better at making use of the nutrition you eat. Even though you may experience an increase in appetite when increasing the activity level, it will be easier for you to make smart and healthy decisions. Being physically active takes an effort and knowing that you have done that effort might be enough to motivate smarter decisions food wise too.

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