3 things you must have in place to lose weight

Weight-loss can be a real challenge. Often, small steps are all it takes. You just have to find those that works for you.

When you are looking to lose weight, you need to have a will of steel. Your diet controls a lot of it – as much as 70%, to be precise. The remaining 30% can be fixed with the right physical activity. But did you know that sleep is essential for a lasting weight-loss? Check which three things you must have in place in order to lose weight!


1: Diet

You probably won’t be taken by surprise on this one. Weight and diet are closely related. The old saying “you are what you eat” isn’t far from truth. If you want to lose weight, you are likely to benefit from having a look at your diet. Are you eating enough? Too much? Too little? Both can be just as damaging for a healthy and lasting weight-loss.

Obviously, you will lose weight when you eat less than you actually burn. Yet, moving too far in either one direction isn’t good for you. If you eat too little over a long period of time you won’t just be low in energy and good mood. You will also efficiently put a break on your metabolism. Thereby, you put your metabolism in saving mode, meaning your body will spend as little as possible of the energy it has been saving up over the years. Make sure to eat healthy and varied and keep an eye on calories in vs. calories out to lose weight.

healthy food
A healthy diet with fruits and vegetables must be in place if you want to lose weight.


2: Physical activity

This one comes with no surprise either on most of us. Physical activity improves both physical and mental health and simply makes you function properly. When you’re being physically active, you burn more calories than when you lay flat on your couch. Besides, physical activity ensures a healthier, more efficient metabolism and gives you that extra energy.

Your minimum activity level should be at 30 minutes 5 times a week, according to the health directorate’s guidelines. For even more effect, increase both intensity and amount. Yet, there will be many benefits in having a quick walk for about half an hour a day. As an alternative, you may get the same benefits even when splitting that half hour into 10 x 3 minutes throughout the day. That’s manageable for most of us and an absolute must if you want to lose weight.

lose weight
Physical activity improves both physical and mental health. You have to be physically active in order to lose weight.


3: Rest

Ah, the deilightful sound of rest! One might not believe that you can rest your way into weight-loss. Yet it is such an important part to lose weight and generally being in good health. Your body needs rest to get back on track after smaller and bigger events. If you never give your body the rest it needs it will not be able to stick up with your activity level. It needs a setback to avoid being stressed, you see.

Chronic stress affects your weight negatively and may have several bad consequences. You get more of the bad cholesterol when you are stressed. In addition, your mood will decrease, your willpower weakens, and your immune system will decline. More time sick = less time to stay in shape. Make sure to get enough rest between the battles. But be aware! You’re not fooling anyone but yourself if you spend too much time horizontal in your bed or at your couch. To lose weight in a healthy and safe way there must be balance between activity and rest.

lose weight
Rest is absolutely crucial in a process of losing weight.