Better sleep may help you lose weight!

Sleep is a necessity for the body’s basic functions. If you want more energy, improved mood, losing weight or simply increase your general well-being, sleep might be the area that affects the most.

Nobody doubts the necessity of sleep. Besides, it takes a lot to beat the feeling of snoozing on your day off. But did you know it may negatively affect both your health and weight? Having good bedtime routines is crucial for optimal functioning. See how you better sleep is encouraged by doing simple changes in your everyday!

better sleep
You will benefit greatly from getting proper rest. Sleep affects everything from mood and weight to metabolism.


Better sleep equals better health

Sleep massively affects our general health. When we sleep, the body is resting and processing both mentally and physically stimuli. While you dream your sweetest dreams, your body is doing a very important task: restituting. It restores after the challenges it has been through and get ready for those who lay ahead. In other words, you may greatly benefit from better sleep at night.

Beauty sleep is more than just a myth. If you sleep too little you pay a high neurological price. The brain’s responses are heavily affected by amount and quality of sleep. Having too little sleep simply makes us slow. Besides, research shows that those lacking sleep is perceived as less attractive, meaning social areas also get affected. If you think of a tired face with dark circles under the eyes it might not be that surprising that you will be seen as more attractive if you get better sleep during the night.


Sleep quality affects your weight

Your hormones are also affected by sleep and sleep quality. You see, the hormones controlling sleep also affect the feeling of hunger and cravings. If you get better sleep, you will also be better able to resist unnecessary hunger and cravings.

The average human needs 7-9 hours of sleep a night. But sleep isn’t just sleep. It won’t help to just stay in bed for 9 hours if the little sleep you get is poor quality. You may get better sleep by having these things in place:

  • Good bedtime routines
  • Reduced caffeine intake
  • Regularly physical activity
  • Avoid sleeping at daytime
  • Keep your bedroom cool and dark
how to get better sleep
Good bedtime routines is important if you want to get the most out of your sleep. Avoid drinking caffeine late, and keep your bedtime routines through holidays and days off.


Better sleep also means improved control of your appetite

A good night’s sleep inevitable affects your weight. If you get your bedtime routines in order by getting up and going to bed around the same time all week, chances are you will get better sleep too. Increased sleep quality means improved hormonal balance and that leads to a more stable appetite.

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