Why magnesium is good for you and your health

Metabolism, heart and muscles need access to magnesium to function properly. The mineral is found in both muscles and in our bones and because your body doesn’t make it itself it must be added through the diet.

According to the health directorate our daily magnesium intake should be at 280 mg for women and 350 mg for men. But is it so that magnesium is good for you, really?


Sustains normal muscle functioning

Magnesium affects both burning of carbohydrates, signal transfer in the nervous system and regulation of muscle activity. The mineral is necessary for nerve- and muscle impulses to be transferred and serves an extra important role for the heart muscles. It helps regulating fluids, which is why magnesium is good for the electrolyte balance in your body. It also helps burning carbohydrates and to create proteins and is a crucial cofactor for many of your body’s enzymes.

magnesium is good for you
Both muscle functioning and your nervous system will benefit from having enough magnesium. Besides, magnesium is good for the balance of fluids in your body and therefore an important contributor to your training effect.


Magnesium is added through foods and drinks

Our body cannot make magnesium on its own. Therefore, it is completely dependent on getting it through your diet. Magnesium deficiency isn’t normal. Most of us get the required amount through a healthy diet. Vegetables, fruits and berries account for 15% of the recommended magnesium intake, another 10% is consumed through milk and yogurt.

Deficiency disease may occur although it is uncommon. Especially people with diabetes or stomach/bowel issues and those seriously malnourished is prone to developing magnesium deficiency. In addition, some diuretic medicine can lead to too low levels of magnesium. Typical symptoms are lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting, laxity and a general decrease in health. The symptoms are diffuse and may easily be mistaken for something else.


Good sources of magnesium

  • Dark chocolate and nuts are known as especially good sources
  • Potatoes, vegetables and wholegrain products are rich in magnesium
  • Milk, milk products, meat and fish are also good sources
  • Bananas are ok, although fruits in general isn’t necessarily high in magnesium
magnesium is good for you
A healthy diet will cover your need for magnesium.



Magnesium is good for so many things

More than 300 biochemical and physiological processes in your body is regulated by magnesium. Metabolism is one of them. The mineral plays an important role in energy transformation, ensuring that your cells are capable of extracting energy from the food that we eat. To maintain a healthy and well-functioning metabolism, getting enough magnesium is key. Besides, magnesium contributes to muscle function and assures that communication is intact in your nervous system. Even skeleton and tooth benefits from the mineral, giving even more proof to why magnesium is good for you.


Extra magnesium

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