Why do you get cravings for sugar, really?

Sugar is sweet and we constantly long for more of the sweet, addictive substance. Most of us know just how hard it is to leave that last piece of chocolate. Why is that? Why do you get cravings for sugar?

What is sugar?
When we talk about sugar, we typically refer to the white sweetener called sucrose or table sugar. It is made from sugarcanes or sugar beets and is packed with energy. Sugar is also completely free from other nutrients, which is why it got its bad reputation. Do you get cravings for sugar just because of the sweet taste?

get cravings for sugar
Sugarcanes are the origin of sugar.


Sugar is addictive

When we eat sugar, something happens in our brain. Due to the high energy level it will reward us for consuming something that will help us survive to such an extent. Back in the days excessive access to food wasn’t an option like it is today. Therefore, our brain had to make sure we tried our best to get enough energy in. It did this by creating a system where it rewards us for eating foods full of sugar and fat.

Science points towards a relationship between how our reward system is triggered by sugar and how it’s triggered by the seriously addictive substances cocaine and heroin. Your immediate thought might be that these two are far more dangerous and probably one cannot argue with that. Yet, sugar is also damaging in the long run. By eating too much of it, chances are you’re going to develop lifestyle diseases that won’t go away so easily. When you get cravings for sugar in addition it just isn’t easy to skip it.

får man søtsug av sukker
It’s not always easy to control cravings for sugar. You brain tells you that you need that high-concentrated energy and doesn’t care about the lack of other nutrients.


Sugar may increase the risk of:

  • Overweight and obesity
  • Diabetes type 2
  • Heart and cardiovascular diseases
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Tooth decay
  • Certain types of cancer


Sugar and cravings

The addiction to sugar arises because we long for the happy feeling that takes place in our body when we have eaten something sweet or fatty. As mentioned, this stems from the old days when it was synonymous to survival. Today, on the other hand, it is much more common to have too much of it and this creates trouble for our brain. It hasn’t understood that the access is so huge and thereby we still get cravings for sugar.

Cravings are the attraction to energy-rich food. Because we so easily can access it today, the limit for satisfaction is heightened. An increased intake forces us to eat more to get the reward. Where we could have one piece of chocolate and then be satisfied, we now have to eat two for the same feeling. When two becomes the new standard, your brain will increase the tolerance once again, making you want three instead.

do you get cravings for sugar
The happiness and satisfaction after eating something sweet is often replaced by regret shortly after.


Artificial sweeteners as replacement for traditional sugar

Is has become quite common to replace traditional sugar with other sugar substitutes to take away the unhealthy without losing the sweet taste. Common sugar is addictive and can have several negative effects on our health. So how is it about artificial sweetening? Do you get cravings for sweets the same way you get cravings for sugar?

Today, there is an ocean of sugar substitutes to replace the normal, white sugar. Some are made artificially, others are natural. “Natural” isn’t necessarily synonymous with “good”. White sugar is also natural, but when consumed in too large doses it becomes damaging. There’s a clear link between diabetes and sugar intake, where overweight caused by high sugar consumption makes you prone to develop the disease.

The sugar alcohol erythritol is commonly used as a sugar substitute. Stevia is also known and is made from the stevia plant. Doctor and writer Berit Nordstrand claim these artificial sweeteners aren’t healthier than normal sugar even though they are free from calories. As for so much, the answer lies in amount. Several studies show that artificial sweeteners may disturbed the bacteria flora in your bowels. In addition, the taste of sweet may make you stop counting calories and start overeating instead. If you get cravings for sugar, it isn’t unthinkable that the sweet taste in sugar substitutes may cause the same reaction. Common sense is the key.


Get rid of cravings

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