Why beta carotene help against sun rash

Sun rash appears when the heating rays of the sun hits your skin. It may appear only few hours of sun exposure. Oftentimes, sun rash is mistaken as heat rash or sunburn as it may show as an itchy red rash. It can be very uncomfortable and intense when it hits. Can beta carotene help against sun rash?


Who can get sun rash?

Sun rash is an allergic reaction to the UV rays of the sun and usually appear early in the tanning season. Normally, sun rash is seen as red rash, swelling, blister, itch, or a combination of these. Everyone can get it but some are more prone than others. Here are some factors that increase the risk of getting sun rash:

  • light skin color
  • Some ingredients in cosmetic products
  • Some medicine

Between 10-15% of the Nordic population suffer from sun allergy. That means that in a group of 100, 10 to 15 of them will have the condition. The question is what can possibly help against it? Oftentimes, cortisone products are used to treat sun rash. However, studies show that the natural coloring substance beta carotene may help against sun rash.

does betacarotene help against sun rash
Nordic skin is especially prone to sun rash because of its light color and limited sun exposure through the year.


Prevent sun rash

Sun rash often appears over and over again. Try getting rid of it in advance by implementing these preventive tricks:

  • avoid tanning for too long at a time
  • Use sunscreen with high sun protection factor
  • Use sunscreen before being exposed to the sun, letting the product spend some time to start working
  • Apply sunscreen regularly. It’s simply not enough putting it on in the morning and then leave it for the day. Apply it several times, and immediately after bathing.
does beta carotene help against sun rash
Make sure to apply sunscreen regularly to prevent sun rash.


Does beta carotene help against sun rash?

Beta carotene is a natural coloring substance found in plants and vegetables. It is known as the strongest preliminary stage of vitamin A, and is transformed to active vitamin A inside the body. Additionally, it is a strong antioxidant who protects your cells against free radicals.

Many processes begin in your skin when you are exposed to sun rays. The UV-rays penetrate your skin and make changes in the underlying elements. Melanin is a coloring pigment already found in your skin and is the one to give you a tan. The sun rays make your skin increase the production of melanin. The coloring substance protects your skin towards the damaging parts of sun rays.

By increasing melanin production you won’t only get the protection but also get tanner. Beta carotene helps against sun rash by increasing melanin production. In other words, a higher intake of beta carotene both protects your skin and gives you that deep, golden tan.

does beta carotene help against sun rash
Food strong in color is often rich in beta carotene too.


How can you get more beta carotene?

Beta carotene is found in a wide range of fruits and vegetables. Strongly colored foods like carrots, broccoli, papaya and sweet potato is especially rich in the antioxidant.

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