This happens with your testosterone after the age of 30

Testosterone is known as the male sex hormone and greatly affects everything from muscle mass to mood and lust. The hormone is naturally produced in the body, but already in your 30ies the level starts dropping and you may risk having a too low testosterone level.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is found in both male and female. Males have much more of it than woman, and in this group, it causes body hair, deeper voice and bigger muscles. In addition, it keeps the sex drive at a normal level. A too low testosterone level is bad news for your health.

prevent too low testosterone level
Testosterone is known as the male hormone and affects muscle mass amongst other things.


What happens when you get too low testosterone level?

At the age of 30 your level of testosterone already starts going downwards. According to a study in 2016 by Theraputic Advances in Urologi the drop is quite significant – about 0.4-2% each year. The reduction in testosterone production is a part of the natural aging process. Some experience it worse than others. Typical symptoms of too low testosterone level is:

  • Low in energy
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Problems with erection
  • Mood changes
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Weight-gain


How can you prevent getting a too low testosterone level?

A too low testosterone level may increase the risk of diseases and reduce life quality. The bone structure loses strength, muscle strength drops and fat level increases. Hence, it is important to keep a healthy level of testosterone also when the body is aging. It is possible to slow down the speed of which testosterone production declines through a healthy lifestyle. Endocrinologist Anders Jørgensen at Oslo University Hospital says one have to exercise, eat healthy, and get rid of belly fat.

A too low testosterone level can be prevented through exercise, and especially strength training seems to have a positive effect. The hormone production will increase in line with the muscle mass. Thereby, increased muscle mass will also increase your level of the hormone.

prevent too low testosterone level
Keep your testosterone level optimal by exercise and a healthy lifestyle.


Alpha Man – optimize your testosterone level

If you have a too low testosterone level, it may help to take a supplement. Alpha Man is a dietary supplement developed to boost your testosterone and give you more energy, in addition to increasing your metabolism, lust, and ability to build muscles. The supplement is solely based on natural ingredients that stimulates the testosterone level. This is what the supplement does:

  • Zinc: important for the metabolism and the body’s defense mechanisms, fertility and reproduction abilities
  • Guarana: 4 times more effective energy release than caffeine. Assures long-lasting, steady energy release, and boosts your energy turnover so that you burn more fat
  • Vitamin B6: improves production of androgens to increase the testosterone production, and inhibit estrogen production in men
  • Fenugreek extract: increases testosterone and triggers sex drive and lust
  • Maca: can increase lust and contribute to increased reproduction abilities, in addition to improving energy level and endurance
  • Magnesium: important for muscle function. Involved in signal transmission between nerves and muscles. Can improve muscle growth, increase lust, give more energy and improve endurance by increasing the testosterone level.

Read more about Alpha Man here.