The link between sleep and weight-reduction

Did you know that sleep is crucial for weight-loss? When you don’t sleep enough, the hormones that also regulate your appetite is affected. This means you will turn to easier solution much faster.

Sleep and weight-reduction is more related than you might think. Not only does sleep affect your mood and willpower, but also the hormones regulating your appetite. This causes you to have a lower limit for making poor food related choices. “Hangry” is a commonly used term, and the mood following hunger probably couldn’t have been described better.

sleep and wieght-reduction
“Hangry” describes a condition where you are angry as a consequence of being hungry.


Fat storage is affected by sleep

When you are looking to lose weight, it is absolutely crucial that you burn fat efficiently. But it’s not just calories in versus calories out that counts. If you get too little sleep, the hunger and stress hormones will be activated to a larger degree. This causes you to store more fat. There is a clear link between sleep and weight-reduction, in other words.

Problems with the metabolism isn’t unfamiliar amongst those who don’t get enough sleep. The average human being needs approximately 7-9 hours of sleep each night, most being in the latter group. Metabolism is the essential chemical processes that happens within our cells. Easily explained it can be described as the body’s energy balance.


Sleep and food intake are affected by each other

Science show that those who sleep little have a tendency to consume more calories than those who sleep enough or even a lot. King’s College London did an analysis of 28 studies examining the correlation between sleep and weight-reduction. The result showed that those who slept only 3-5,5 hours a night ate an average of 385 calories more than those who slept 7-12 hours a night. Besides, those who slept little also had a tendency to consume more of the empty calories from fast food and snacks.

hunger and weight-loss
Insufficient sleep makes it harder to make good choices food wise.


Ghrelin is the body’s hunger regulating hormone

When you are feeling sleepy and tired as a consequence of not having enough sleep your body will produce more of the hunger provoking hormone ghrelin. According to your body, the feeling of tiredness stems from a lack of energy. This isn’t entirely wrong, although the increased calorie intake won’t necessarily solve the issue.

Besides, you will have a much lower limit to give in for temptations when seeing fast food or candy when you’ve slept too little. This is caused by the circular relationship between lack of sleep and the hunger regulating hormones. In addition, junk food and sweets will activate the reward system in our brain, making us feel happy and more satisfied. At least until the feeling of guilt reach us.


Simple tricks to improve sleep and weight-reduction:

  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night, preferably 8
  • Drink enough water
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Reduce stress
  • Get regularly physical activity

As you can see, amount of sleep is crucial if you want to lose weight. In addition, you have to make sure you drink enough water to keep your metabolism stimulated throughout the day. For extra effect you may add lemon to your water to further boost your metabolism.

Have a healthy breakfast with lots of proteins to get the most out of your good night’s sleep. To make sure sleep and weight-reduction boost each other it is essential that you eat food that gives your body the energy it needs.

Stressing down is the easiest, most difficult thing you can do to improve your general health. Stress hormones causes you to store more fat than needed, in addition to making you feel tired physically as well as mentally. You have to be clever enough to reduce stress wherever you can, and to create well-functioning routines for the “necessary” stress you can’t get rid of.

Physical activity will have a positive effect on both mood, sleep and weight-reduction. Your body produces happiness hormones when being physical active, and the good feeling we’re left with after working out or having a nice walk makes us more capable of resisting temptations towards the evening. It is well-known that it is easier to stay on the right track when you feel like you’ve done an effort.

sleep and weight-reduction
Your body produces happiness hormones when you stay physically active.


When sufficient sleep still isn’t enough

Often-time there are complex reasons why you won’t lose weight. Even if the sleep is good enough, you have a healthy diet and you exercise sufficiently, the hunger and cravings may still sometimes be hard to get rid of. The dietary supplement Royal burner helps improve both sleep and weight-reduction. The active ingredients help you manage hunger and cravings more efficiently. Gluccomannan expands up to 200 times its own size and is approved by the EU’s expert panel as weight-loss efficient. Read more about Royal Burner here.