How to increase your metabolism and lose weight!

Weight-loss is on the top of many wish lists, especially as we approach summer. Losing and regaining weight over and over won’t benefit no-one, so we recommend you make use of these tips to increase your metabolism and lose weight faster.

Your metabolism manages how many calories you burn off through the day. Oftentimes we complaint about low metabolism when the pounds sneak up on us, but the truth is that our metabolism adjusts itself to cover our needs. This means there’s often one reason for the weight-gain: you eat more calories than you burn. When the amount going in is bigger than the one going out, the difference will be stored as fat in your body. But let’s regard that time as passed and implement this to increase your metabolism and lose weight!

increase your metabolism and lose weight


Increase your muscle mass

It is well-known that muscles burn more calories than fat does. Thereby, more muscles alone will contribute to a higher metabolism. Your body spend energy also when resting. This is called basal metabolic rate. Powering a body with muscles will demand more calories to burn, than the same body having more fat in it. This is why more muscles will help you increase metabolism and lose weight.

increase metabolism and lose weight by increasing muscle mass


Stay active

Maintaining a good metabolic rate is depending on you keeping active. As mentioned, your metabolism will adjust to your body’s needs. This means that a body sitting still will be needing less energy than a body that is kept active, and thereby metabolism in reduced when sitting still.

A man weighing 70 kg burn about 1650 kcal a day if he just stays in bed. If the same man is eating, the act of eating and burning the food increases the consumption with approximately 200 kcal. Just by sitting in a chair instead of lying in bed will increase the man’s total calorie burn to about 2000-2250 kcal a day. As you can see it isn’t necessarily the wildest activity needed to increase your metabolism and lose some weight. In comparison, walking stairs demands 17 times the energy as sleeping. Perhaps taking the stairs isn’t such a bad idea after all?


Do condition training!

Condition training is an efficient way to increase metabolism and lose weight. It is efficient to burning fat and as the fat is exchanged with muscles, your basal metabolic rate will improve. What a luxury to keep in shape even when resting!

condition training helps improve metabolism
Condition training like running improves your fitness and is efficient for burning fat.


Implement strength exercise!

If there’s one thing worth learning from this, it is the fact that muscles will burn more calories than fat will do. Strength training will increase your muscle mass and thereby make it possible to increase your metabolism and lose weight. Having more muscles on your body means you can also eat more without gaining weight, as the muscles will burn off more calories.

strength training can increase your metabolism and lose weight
Strength training increases your metabolism by exchanging fat for more muscles.


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