Get rid of belly fat to increase your self-confidence and health

It might seem like the fatty cells thrives especially around the waist, refusing to leave regardless of your efforts in diet and exercise. It doesn’t have to be like that. Try these tips to get rid of belly fat! 

There is no doubt: your health will benefit from not having a large amount of fat gathered around your waist. In the world of health this type of fat is called visceral fat and research sees a potential relation between this type of fat and heart and vascular diseases, Alzheimer and type 2 diabetes. As you may see, it can increase your general health quite a lot if you manage to get rid of belly fat.

get rid of belly fat to increase health
Belly fat is the most dangerous fat to store on your body. Get rid of it to increase your general health.


Belly fat brings bigger risk than other fat

The risk increases when a larger amount of fat stocks up around the stomach compared to having the fat elsewhere. This has to do with location. Fat surrounding your ass and thighs is called subcutaneous fat and is visible as the jiggly fat right underneath the skin.

Belly fat, on the other hand, lies around the stomach and will surround your inner organs as well when the amount gets too high. Lifestyle coach and owner of Smart Trening (Clever Exercise) Helle Luxe expressed that it isn’t abnormal to have belly fat, unfortunately, and that this has a negative impact on our health. The chances of developing lifestyle diseases often increase with higher amounts of belly fat. Both high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, type 2 diabetes and heart and vascular diseases may follow the development of love handles.


Why you should make an effort to get rid of belly fat

Due to its effect on our general health, you should really put down some effort to get rid of belly fat. This is done through the same old saying of eating healthy and getting enough exercise. So simple, yet so incredible hard! You have to ensure that your total calorie intake doesn’t surpass the number of calories you burn. Simply put it means you must not eat more than you need.

get rid of belly fat to increase health
Getting rid of the dangerous viscelar fat will be beneficial for more than just you self-confidence.


How exactly do you finish off those love handles?

Our genes and hormones have a saying in where the fat gets stored on our body. Therefore, some will have less of a challenge to get rid of belly fat than others. Yet there are many common denominators that will do the trick for the majority of us. These are the tricks:

  • Reduce your body fat percentage – avoid consuming more calories than you burn
  • Endurance training – this will increase your metabolism
  • Strength training – this increases your muscle mass, which improves metabolism
  • Decrease alcohol consumption – it is called “beer gut” for a reason


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