This little thing is surprisingly rich in protein!

To build muscles it is a necessity to eat foods rich in protein. Many knows about the existence of this basic nutrition in different kinds of meat, but did you know that also cottage cheese is a superb source?


Cottage cheese is a fresh, white, skinny cheese compatible with so many dishes and flavors. The mild taste makes it super flexible, and it can do magic in the diet where every calorie count. Food rich in protein can be challenging to find, but the cottage cheese is for sure a source to rely on. Here are three meals you should give a try or five:


Cottage cheese oatmeal

The classic one cannot go without. Make it even tastier with a hint of cottage cheese, giving a richer outmeal filled with goodies for your body.

oatmeal with cottage cheese is rich in protein


What you need:

  • 40 g oatmeal
  • 1 dl milk
  • 2 ts skinny cottage cheese


How to do it:

Heat oatmeal, milk and the cheese in a casserole. Use desired topping. We recommend walnuts and fresh berries with some cinnamon. Absolutely fantastic for breakfast as well as lunch!


Crisp bread with cottage cheese and jam

The easiest way in the world to get rich in protein. Use cottage cheese as topping for your crisp bread, and put some strawberry jam, apple jam or honey on top of that again. If you choose the right crisp bread, preferably including pumpkin or sunflower seeds, perhaps made with spelt or oat, you will benefit even more from the nutritious building blocks your body need to stay at top.

crisp bread with fruits and cottage cheese is rich in protein


Cottage cheese and fresh berries

The perfect snack meal! Have some tablespoons of cottage cheese in a bowl and top it with diced or cut fresh fruit. There aren’t many fruits or berries that won’t work with cottage cheese, but a true treat is the combination of kiwi, strawberry and blueberries. A delicious mix of fresh taste, super rich in protein.

cottage cheese is rich in protein


Cottage cheese can be used for so much more. Don’t let yourself be scared off by the somewhat odd consistency. This cheese brings protein to the table, and you will not regret implementing it into your diet!