Check out these three exercises for a flatter stomach

A tighter belly is the dream of many. Besides, core strength is important for much of what we do through the day. See how you easily can do some effective exercises for a flatter stomach anywhere, anytime.

A lean, strong stomach doesn’t make itself. It takes focus and hard work, but it truly pays off! Both diet and general activity level plays a major role and you will not be able to exercise the stomach alone. Yet some exercises are more efficient for a leaner look than others, and by being aware of diet and increasing daily activity level you will be able to get that stomach you’re dreaming of. Try these three exercises for a flatter stomach!


1: Planking

exercises for a flatter stomach

There is just no way to avoid this classic. The exercise takes only body weight and is truly efficient. You can do several versions of the plank and our exercises for a flatter stomach includes two of them.

  • The classic plank

Lay down facing the floor and lift yourself up while resting on elbows and toes. Keep a straight line through your body by using your stomach, legs and butt to lift your body. Remember to look into the floor to avoid tensioning the neck, keeping the head as a natural lengthening of your spine. Tip: really let your abs do the job, with help from your butt.

  • Side plank

Lay down on your side with your legs gathered while resting on your arm. Lift your hips from the floor, stretch your body and contract your core. Reach for the ceiling with the upper hand and hold. Tip: Keep your elbow directly under your shoulder to avoid tension and to keep a strong posture.


2: base exercises

exercises for a flatter stomach
Squats will efficiently activate a large group of muscles.

Base exercise is the term for exercises that engage the largest muscle groups. These demands that many and big muscles cooperate and can greatly affect your stomach. Increased muscle mass means better and more efficient metabolism, which again means less body fat – including your stomach. Hence, exercises for a flatter stomach won’t just include working the abs alone.


Example for base exercises:

  • Squats
  • Deadlift
  • Military press


3: Scissor kicks

exercises for a flatter stomach
This exercise efficiently targets your abs. By lifting your shoulders off the mat you will engage your core even more.

This exercise really puts your muscles to the test. It can be done in several versions and they are all good exercises for a flatter stomach. Make sure you manage the basic version before advancing to any of the others.

  • Basic scissor kicks

Lay on your mat facing the ceiling. Place your hands down your side or use them as extra support placed on your hips. Pull your bellybutton towards your spine to activate the core and lift your shoulders off the mat while looking towards the ceiling. Lift with your abs and ensure your neck isn’t tensed. Lift your legs over the floor and do scissor movements one by one.