Do this to increase your testosterone level

As years keep your age going up, other things start going down. Testosterone is known as “the male sex hormone” and affects both energy, lust and body composition. If the level becomes too low, possibilities are you feel tired, your energy level is decreasing, and your sex drive is nowhere to be found. Do you know what to do to increase your testosterone level?

Hormones greatly affect our mood. Men’s testosterone level is far higher than women’s, giving darker voices, more body hair and bigger muscles. As the years keep adding to our age, the testosterone level will go down. This reduction is due to a lower production, and the process begins already when reaching the late 30-ies. You cannot stop symptoms of aging, but you can do some action to avoid the levels to hit the floor too fast.

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How do you know if your testosterone level is too low?

Hormones can easily be measured by a blood test by your doctor. Normally, the level should be between 200-1200 ng/dl. But there are more available methods to decide whether or not a blood sample is necessary. Typical symptoms for low testosterone levels are problems with erection, decreased sex drive, hair-loss, poor sleep, depression, and increased belly fat and an overall weight-gain. If you can say yes to several of these checkpoints, you should investigate how to increase your testosterone level.

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How to increase your testosterone level

There are many ways to increase your level of testosterone. Working out and having a healthy diet will be important. Ensure a diet rich in magnesium, zinc and vitamin K if you want to keep a healthy level of testosterone. Here’s a list of sources to each nutrient:

  • Magnesium: spinach, salad, avocado, almonds, cashew nuts, pumpkin and wholegrain products
  • Zinc: whole wheat, dark bread, linseed, pumpkinseed, sunflowerseed and soya beans
  • Vitamin K: spinach, broccoli, brussels sprouts, chickpeas, soya oil, leek and kale

Working out, especially strength training, will increase the production of testosterone. You should focus on exercises that activates as many muscles as possible. Squats, deadlift and rowing activates much of your muscle mass, and will therefore be effective testosterone production boosters.

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