All you need to know about beta carotene

You might have heard about beta carotene and how it eases the process of tanning. But what is beta carotene exactly, and why should you make sure you get enough of it?

The coloring pigment beta carotene belongs to the group of carotenoids. These red, yellow and orange coloring pigments are fat-soluble and can be found in a variety of plants. Beta carotene is known as the strongest preliminary stage to vitamin A in food and gets transformed into active vitamin A in the body.


Vitamin A is important for good health

Your body needs vitamin A, which is a fat-soluble vitamin stored in your liver. The vitamin can be toxic in too high doses but serves an important role in keeping your sight sharp – especially in the dark. Additionally, vitamin A is important for cell-division, maintenance of skin and mucous, and to keep your immune system up and running. Parts of the carotenes transforms into vitamin A in the body, bringing several health benefits to the table.

beta carotene is the strongest preliminary stage of vitamin A
Vitamin A is important for both sight and health. Beta carotene is known as the strongest preliminary stage of A-vitamin.


Beta carotene is a strong antioxidant

Antioxidants protects your body against so-called free radicals. These appear naturally in your body but becomes damaging in too high doses. Free radicals are important for the body’s signal system but as already said you should be careful not to let them be too many. If the level stays too high it might lead to oxidative stress, which breaks down your cells.

The free radicals can be seen as attacking forces to your immune system. It is necessary to have a functional defense if you don’t want your immune system to run off with its tail between the legs. This defense mechanism is called antioxidants, and beta carotene is one of them. Antioxidants protects the cells by neutralizes the harming effect of oxidative stress.

beta carotene is a source to antioxidants
Antioxidants are important to keep your immune system up to date.


Sources of beta carotene

The coloring pigment and antioxidant can be found in fruits and vegetables strong in color. Carrot, sweet potato, spinach, papaya and broccoli are excellent sources especially rich in the antioxidant. Remember that the carotenes are fat-soluble, meaning you can increase the use of them by having some fat when eating them. Put some oil over your carrots or have some butter in your baked sweet potato to maximize the uptake.

beta carotene is good for your health
Beta carotene can be found in fruits and vegetables rich in color. Especially good sources are spinach, carrots and papaya.


Beta carotene as a dietary supplement

One cannot always have sufficient amounts through diet alone. It is then good to know there are dietary supplements to increase your intake when needed. Royal Tan is a strong, potent beta carotene product that gives you a deep, golden tan in addition to nurturing hair and skin.

Royal Tan is made of natural ingredients and separates from many of its contestants due to its active ingredient black carrot. This substance contradicts the orange color one can experience when taking beta carotene supplements. It’s content of collagen, zinc and copper may also increase your skin, hair and nail quality.

In other words, beta carotene is not the only beneficial ingredient Royal Tan gives you. The supplement may be seen as a complete beauty product and is made solely from natural ingredients with documented effect. Royal Tan is developed in Norway and gets high ranking in a wide range of tests. Read more about Royal Tan here.