5 tips to get more energy

Are you feeling extra tired these days, without seeing an obvious reason for being it? you’re your energy level will vary but there are luckily plenty of ways to affect it.

All of us experience a drop in energy level from time to time. During wintertime it is more common to be tired due to the lack of daylight and warmer temperatures. But that doesn’t mean that your energy can disappear also during the warm, sunny time of year. Check out these tips to get more energy in your everyday!


1: Eat smart!

Diet plays a crucial role in regulating your energy level. It is the main source of energy and what we eat affect everything from mood and body to our ability to perform. If you fuel yourself on poor quality food, you are going to struggle to keep up. Make sure to eat healthy and to include enough fruits, vegetables and fiber in your diet. Having healthy food habits is absolutely good tips to get more energy.

tips to get more energy
Healthy, high-quality raw food materials makes the perfect foundation for your energy level.


2: Get moving!

We often-time feel like the couch or bed is the only tempting thing when the energy level is low. And that’s also where we so often fail. Leaving the house or even bedroom becomes so hard we can’t even get motivated to get moving. Perhaps isn’t is so strange either, when all feels heavy and the energy is nowhere to be seen. Yet, getting moving is certainly on the list of tips to get more energy. When you are physically active, you reduce the stress reactions in your body in addition to freeing hormones that makes us happy. This make you feel better and more energic. The health directorate recommends a minimum of 30 minutes moderate physical activity a day. Chose the stairs over the elevator and go for a lovely walk after work!

tips to get more energy
Go for a quick walk after work to get your energy level boosted!


3: Time out

You didn’t think being bored belonged in a list of tips to get more energy now, did you? Think again! Your brain also needs to get some rest from stimuli. Having a time out from all of the constant impressions and disturbances we are surrounded with during our everyday becomes a necessity to increase energy level. Comprehensive research over the years have shown that we need time to rest from mental stimuli to be able to prevent mental fatigue. A low energy level is a common result from having a tired brain so to give yourself an energy boost you should stroll down to the river and watch the water float by. The break from everything that demands your constant attention will improve your energy level afterwards.

get more energy
Take time to recover from stress and excessive stimuli. Go for a walk in nature or sit by the riverside watching the water.


4: Rest

It may seem odd how a list of tips to get more energy can focus so much on slowing down. But the answer lays in rest. Make sure you allow your body to recover through a satisfying amount of good sleep. Researchers from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine did a literature review in 2015 where they draw the conclusion that a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each night was essential for a well-functioning body. Create good routines for when you get to bed and what time you get up again and hold on to that rhythm throughout weekends and holidays as well. The energy level will increase when you spend the night sleeping and recharging for the following day. Make sure you are physically active throughout the day to ensure a good night of sleep.

recovery and sleep
Enough quality sleep can do wonders for your energy level!


5: Drink enough water

Water is the main source of fluid to your body and not much of it will function without it. Aim to get at least 6-8 glasses of water a day and increase the amount if you’ve been highly physically active. A dehydrated body will not have the energy needed to perform anything at all. When you feel thirsty, you’ve already let it go too far. Tips to get more energy therefore include making sure you get enough water throughout the day!

tips to get more energy
Drink enough water to keep your energy level up.